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I reblog stuff I like. Which is Hetalia, Attack on Titan, photography, coffee, bunnies, hamsters, music and stuff like that. I post some of my own photos here too, but if anyone's interested, there's a link to my deviantart under here.

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if you’re struggling with homework, just pretend it’s for starfleet.

biology? no no, xenobiology. for when you’re on the enterprise and you have to examine flora and fauna of newly discovered planets

math? more like super important warp calculations

physics? gotta be like chekov hell yeah

english? no it’s a report for starfleet command

learning a language? channel nyota uhura 

gotta pop open a torpedo im really weapons expert carol marcus

(via hjernedaud)

Who knew studying English would lead to a discussion about chocolate. Does a chocolate bar or a bar of chocolate contain the most chocolate? People in my class obviously didn’t agree. 


These are by far the best pictures of me and kraaku from Kitacon Invasion. They also pretty much sums up the weekend. 

Still my two favourite pictures of us from Kita.